Russian Version of Dianabol Steroid

In the United States and many other countries, Dianabol is declared to be in the list of controlled products. Despite this notification, it is still a hot favorite with several bodybuilders and athletes.  Its wide popularity encouraged pharmaceutical companies of other countries to introduce similar versions into the market-scene for example, the Russian Dianabol by Akrikhin.  This has facilitated easy availability of the drug for athletes who are interested in body-building. So we need to know exactly what Russian Dianabol is and how it differs from the existing variety of legal anabolic steroids available in the markets.

Russian Dianabol: A Brief Introduction


With the introduction of the Russian Dianabol, the usual Dianabol is easily and even legally available in the open market and you may acquire it even without presenting a proper prescription from a medical practitioner. Russian Dianabol differs from the usual Dianabol in terms of its chemical make-up and structure. According to experts, this particular version of Dianabol is considered to be an ordinary 17-alpha methyltestosterone. This drug has a reputation of being free from side effects and also steroid-free.

However, the Russian version of this drug has a track record of causing vomiting, nausea, and elevated liver problems…

The Russian Dianabol generally lets the muscles to burst and explode. This obviously leads to a fantastic muscle development and accumulation as you progress to the next level. Russian Dianabol is also responsible in the increment of the process of protein synthesis, an action relating to the muscles. Besides, this drug is known to offer excellent muscle mass effects provided users utilize it correctly. In a very short while you can notice drastic changes in vitality, strength, and size of the muscles. In reality, a wide majority of athletes are extremely satisfied with administration of this drug with a moderate dose of two to four pills a daily while others seek better results by administering four to eight pills everyday.

Russian Dianabol And its Availability

Just like other steroids available in the market, Russian Dianabol is easily available particularly in the Internet. The Russian version differs from the original version in terms of its packaging. Russian Dianabol comes in the form of push-out strip packs consisting of ten pills/ tablets each. The box containing the strips of tablets is green and the strips found in the box are gathered together in a bundle and kept in place with the help of black colored rubber band. Also, the box displays matter printed on it in blue or black colored ink. The substance quantity is indicated in terms of grams at 0.005g per tablet.

As reported by Steroids Online Magazine, Depending on online stores is a sure bet and you can easily acquire Russian Dianabol by accessing the internet, the Internet, however, is known for supply of counterfeit drugs and a reasonably large number of illegal suppliers. It is therefore, essential for a buyer to know the real appearance of the Russian version drug as you can easily be fooled by scammers in the internet. We need to find out the distinctive feature of the Russian Dianabol to help us to differentiate it from other forms of legal steroids available in the market. The simple distinction being Russian Dianabol is surely a safe option and definitely a legitimate answer to the needs of athletes and bodybuilders.

However, it operates in a similar fashion just like its other counterparts and renders more or less same effects or results…

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